album release Voluntary Intakes

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At last…! ROOD ADEO's new album Voluntary Intakes. The tool didn't replace the craft, and the money hasn't replaced the goods! All it took was a smooth collaboration with Kroese Records!! After a four-and-a-half-years' pregnancy, the new album - the first one of a twin - is ready to be released. And though the umbilical cord won't be cut totally, we will present the album Voluntay Intakes on October 28th, 15:00h with an exclusive concert at Fort Lent. Find you tickets here. Hope to see you all!

Upcoming album

Back to new…! Anticipating the new ROOD ADEO album. Waiting for the printing and the dismissal! In the meantime, click on the pic below and enjoy previous Rood Adeo albums on Apple Music. Back to you soon!


In concert November 2017

ROOD ADEO in concert
Friday November 10th, 2017 • 20:15h
Beauforthuis Austerlitz
entrance € 17,50 (beverage incl.)
discount price € 13,50
(discount: CJP/culture pass, student card, little to spend)

Bass player Bas Rietmeijer passed away

Monday, August 21th 2017, companion, fellow musician and longtime friend Bas Rietmeijer passed away. His patience, good-humored creative liveliness, bass-player modesty and laugh-until-we-cry bullshit will be missed and remembered.

New songs

At present time, Rood is still recording and mixing new songs. Still experimenting, in order to fight the haste,
Previous albums will soon be released on iTunes.
Check out Rood Adeo's Facebook Page for new songs and day-to-day updates.
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Opera Special live from Amsterdam

Rood Adeo at Opera Special live from Amsterdam
Sunday September 13th, 2015 Opera Special live from Amsterdam Vondel CS, 16.30 - 20.00h
In a joint radio broadcast of NTR and AVROTROS, radio programmes Opera Live and Ernst Daniël explore coming Opera Season. Hosts Hein van Eekert and Ernst Daniël Smid will talk about their favourite voices, build some bridges between different styles of music theatre, and welcome young national and international singers. Live music by Florieke Beelen, Eva Kroon, Bora Balci, Elena Syssojeva and one mystery guest. Guess who…

MAN by Stichting Pompoen

Click here to watch the short movie MAN by Stichting Pompoen for 48Hours 2011
Best use of Character • Beste use of Genre • Third Price, Public Award Group B
Visit Stichting Pompoen at
Music by ROOD & Nighthawks at the Diner (FRANK DE KLEER, BOB WISSELINK & ROOD)

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