'Never ask
the snowman
If winter is
coming to an end'


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Adeo's songs are being decribed as "jazz in a tango-vehicle, trashcan blues, harrowing ballads and grubby vaudeville suites". Nightclub music, melancholic yet raucous. With his latest album Mindful Indifference though, Adeo's stories are being put out in the open field. They breath air, some with life-affirming joy, some full of loneliness. A delicate album, on which his timing and feel, his basic approach of bass and guitar in contrast with his lyrical touch on the piano and his gorgeous voice, all are being brought to daylight.

Personal lyrics, balanced arrangements and outstanding musicians provide the ingredients for the characteristic and touching sound of Adeo's songs. Never superficial, hence diverse and layered. Indeed, you could talk about the fascinating lyrics and the intriguing voice, or about the variety of instruments and the virtuosity they’re being played with. Yet maybe, it’s all about ambiance. An ambiance, telling different stories and bringing back memories in every song.

In 1997, Rood Adeo debuts with his Nighthawks at the Diner-album Fool's Tango, introducing co-composers Frank de Kleer and Bob Wisselink. Fool's Tango is rewarded ‘album of the month’ in Music Maker, the foremost musicians’ magazine in The Netherlands. Surprisingly, Fay Lovsky appears on the duet You Invented Me. This debut album eventually leads to invitations to popular national radio programs and paves the way to the release on the label Challenge Records. In 1998, Adeo is asked by Sony/Philips to record with the newly developed digital recording system SACD. This project results in his second NATD-album, Walkin’ On Eggs, published bij Challenge/Polygram.

In August 1998, Rood Adeo and his Nighthawks at the Diner win the Public and Press Award at the Sopot International Festival in Poland. In 1999, the single How About The Next Millennium is being released and Walkin’ On Eggs again presented at the Funkausstellung in Berlin. Adeo’s ballad To Be A Man is released on the Polish Wroclaw Theatre Festival jubilee album by Luna Records with amongst others, Nick Cave and Cesaria Evora. Concerts at the Karlshamn Baltic Festival Sweden and the Wroclaw International Festival Poland follow shortly after.

In 2000, Adeo releases an extraordinary Portugese peace of work, in collaboration with fado-singer Emanuel Pessanha: Rood & Emanuel, Retrato. An intriguing, nontraditional fado album. For the Wroclaw Theatre Festival 2000 Weill-edition, Rood Adeo & Nighthawks at the Diner arrange four Kurt Weill-songs. Adeo's versions of 'Stranger Here Myself' and 'Lost In The Stars' appear on Transit Cellophane and Perfect Life. In 2002 Adeo releases his highly praised third NATD-album Transit Cellophane, comprising 17 tracks, on the label NWR published by EMI. In 2005, Adeo starts experimenting with a new line-up, letting go of his former steadfast formation. In August 2005, he performs in Denmark and records Jesse Mae Robinson’s The Other Woman for the Nina Simone tribute album Greetings From Nijmegen. On that same album, Adeo accompanies Dutch Idols-finalist Maud Mulder on Everything Must Change.

In March 2006, Rood & Nighthawks at the Diner close down the Night of Poetry Festival at Vredenburg Concert Hall Utrecht. ‘Observant Spectator’ is being released on the DVD Dichters in Woord en Beeld (Poets in Word and Frame). In May 2006, Adeo composes the music for Frank Boeijen’s song ‘Verloren Stad’ (Lost City), which is being released in November 2006 on the DVD As. In 2009, he releases his Rood & NATD-album Perfect Life in collaboration with producer Loek Schrievers, again with outstanding band members: Toon Meijer (saxes, clarinets) Pieter Klaassen and Loek Schrievers (guitars), Jan Flubacher (double bass) and Thijs Verwer (drums, percussion). In 2012, Rood Adeo releases his album Mindful Indifference.

At current time, Adeo is recording a new album with a.o. Aili Deiwiks and Guido Jansen (violin), Bas Rietmeijer and Taeke Stol (double bass), Kristijan Kranjcan (cello), and Clance Vaasen (drums).

ROOD ADEO has featured many guest performers, among whom vocalists DeeDee Bridgewater, Dutch Idols finalist Maud Mulder, Esther Croez and Micheline van Hautem, guitar players Loek Schrievers and Wout Pennings,
saxophonists Chester Washington, Miguel Boelens and Rinus Groeneveld, trumpet players Eef van Breen and Jarmo Hoogendijk, trombonists Arjen Reeser and Bert Boeren, violinists Oene van Geel, Guido Jansen and Friedmar Hitzer, Zapp4 String Quartet and Jules Deelder on drums. Fay Lovsky appeared on the duet ‘You Invented me’. Bariton Ernst Daniël Smid appeared on the duet 'Baby Don't You Like My New Tattoo'.

Sopot International Song Festival Poland (Public and Press Award) • Karlshamn Baltic Festival Sweden • Wroclaw Theatre Festival Poland • MdM Warschau Poland • Wroclaw Theatre Festival Poland • Europa Festival Germany • TW Festival Denmark • NPO's Opera Special • KRO’s Leidsekade Live • Vara’s Spijkers Met Koppen • NCRV’s Volgspot • VPRO’s Club Lek Radio 3FM • VPRO’s De Plantage • National Film Festival Utrecht • Jazz in Duketown Den Bosch • Festival Boulevard de Parade Den Bosch • Zomerfeesten Nijmegen • Bluesnight Roermond • Uit Festival Utrecht • Nacht van de Poëzie Utrecht • International Film Festival Rotterdam, a.m.m.